How to Get a Perfect Baby’s First Passport Photo?

by daniellaup

One of the hardest photos to capture is baby’s passport photo. Luckily I’ve done it once or FIVE times before, so I’ve learned a few tricks!

If you’re planning on taking your own photo you will need two people to get the shot quicker

  • Don’t try too close before or after a feed
  •  If baby is sleepy use a water wipe to wash their face
  • Lie baby on a white blanket
  •  Have baby in a block colour (not white), the darker the better
  •  If baby uses a soother let them suck it until the last second
  •  Count down from 3 to pull the soother so photograper knows to be ready
  • As you pull out the soother gently hold baby’s hands down
  • Dangle a noisy toy above baby near camera so you’ll get them to look at the camera

Hopefully these tips will help you get your photo within a couple of shots. All that’s left to do is enjoy your holiday!

NOW you’re ready to apply for Baby’s first passport – HERE’S the definitive guide on how to do that, FAQs included CLICK HERE TO READ

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