La Prairie Anti-Wrinkle Perfectors Review

by daniellaup

This is a dual-use product. A few years ago, La Prairie stopped lip care and then launched Anti-Wrinkle Perfectors.

The packaging uses two compact compartments, one between the eyes and the other between the lips. And each has a different mirror, so you can basically get two mirrors and two different products in one compact. This design is very novel and cutting-edge. But this will bring another trouble is that it may not be very suitable to carry.

The eye cream part has a very peculiar texture. The consistency between the cream and the gel is definitely the same, but there is also some powdery feeling.

Give me a luxurious eye makeup base makeup without the feeling like a makeup base makeup. Compared to their actual eye cream, it is very smooth and feels very light. Its background color is also yellow, and the faint gleam is hardly noticed, and it emits a subtle luminosity around the eyes.

In effect, it can provide more moisture around my eyes throughout the day to reduce the dryness around my eyes.

On the lips, it works very well. It is more moisturizing, shiny and richer. It is also buildable, so you can apply a little lightly and build according to your lips.

It will form a smooth veil on the top. After applying it at night, in the morning you will find your lips feel plump and younger, and the moisturizing experience is great.

In short, I still like this product very much.


$195 15mL/0.5oz.


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