La Prairie Illuminating Eye Cream Review

by daniellaup

Due to the three-dimensional structure of the eye, the light in the facial area depends not only on the color and reflection, but also on the shape. The color and reflection depend on the skin condition to determine the quality and intensity of the light, and the shape can coordinate the spatial distribution of the reflected light intensity. Does this sound hard to understand. But it doesn’t matter, we can watch La Prairie launch Illuminating Eye Cream.

The out-of-the-box La Prairie White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire will impress people with its stylish design. The white bottle with silver decoration makes it very luxurious. The brightly carved ring accentuates the pearl shape to get the caviar design concept.

It is not a twist cap design, but a completely closed wide-mouth bottle with a buckle behind the cap. I like this design very much. It can keep the product fresh. And the button setting makes it very convenient to use, and you can choose to half-press to control the usage.

It has a massage tool that can be used to massage to promote lymphatic drainage and stimulate microcirculation.

Using Hu for a period of time can significantly reduce eye bags and dark circles. Helps increase the production of collagen and reshape the extracellular matrix network of the dermis, improve the shape of your eyes and optimize the ability of the skin to reflect light, thereby achieving a luminous effect.

According to reviews, it has a whitening function, and I haven’t found it yet. I will stick to it and continue to share my results with you!


$570.00 20mL/0.67oz.


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