La Prairie Intensive Rejuvenating Face Treatment Review

by daniellaup

I think La Prairie has always been at the forefront of skin care innovation, and certainly at the top of the luxury list.

The director of brand innovation believes that our skin has the inherent ability to regenerate itself. With age, this regenerative ability will decline, so they developed Intensive Rejuvenating Face Treatment to help compensate for the loss and degradation caused by age.

It temporarily softens the skin barrier and delivers its active ingredients to the skin in the best way so that they can be fully utilized. “They are committed to rejuvenating skin cells and regenerating the extracellular matrix where collagen and elastin live.

Three ultra-luxury dual-chamber serum vials are provided, each vial should be used continuously for 10 days, twice a day. Each ten-day vial is made with two chambers. The two chambers combine a separate formula. When screwed into the activator base, they will magically fuse together and produce a satisfying click , This is a dramatic process, which ensures the maximum freshness of the product.

The formula is extremely luxurious at the same time. The milky white formula immediately sinks into the skin without leaving any greasy or sticky feeling, and sets the tone for La Prairie’s rare platinum rejuvenation etiquette. But because of its high strength, it is not recommended to use it frequently.

The price can be called the peak level, which is equivalent to a cosmetic surgery. However, you have to understand that there is almost nothing that can make a full harvest at the end of the day, because knowing that the future of the skin is in very good hands.


$1980 3×8 ml


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