La Prairie Lifting And Firming Eye Cream Review

by daniellaup

Hi, I am glad everyone came to me. I love luxury skin care brands, and I am happy to share my skin care products-La Prairie brand with you.

One of the best-selling products of this brand is the Lifting And Firming Eye Cream. This eye cream helps to target the fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, elasticity, puffiness, dark circles and dryness of the skin around the eyes.

It contains 3-dimensional protein network and caviar extract, etc., which can work together to maximize lifting and firming effects. It also contains a moisturizing complex that can moisturize for a long time and promote hydration. And the restorative algae extract inside can inhibit the appearance of dark circles, and brighten and smooth them.

The texture is rich and not heavy, and I usually command to take a small amount. The packaging is a dark blue bottle with an extractor, and the cap and bottom are low-key silver. Unlike other facial masks, it is spoon-shaped and very convenient to use. The fragrance smells very fresh and not annoying.

After using it for a while, it will create an amazing filter under your eyes, thereby adding a slight pearly luster and a lot of brightness. It makes my eyes brighter and smoother.

In short, if you have trouble with the skin around your eyes, I believe it will help you with La Prairie Lifting And Firming Eye Cream.


$400 20mL/0.7 oz.


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