La Prairie Lifting And Firming Eye Serum Review

by daniellaup

Today we are introducing La Prairie Lifting And Firming Eye Serum. It is made of caviar and La Prairie’s famous cell complex, which can “awaken” the eyes by lifting and tightening the entire eye area.

I have never been someone who can use eye cream every day, lack of sleep can cause drastic changes in the appearance of your eyes over time, leading to a feeling of heaviness, premature aging of the hooded eyelids and eye area, although I Trying to get into the habit of using eye cream at least once a day (if not twice).

La Prairie Lifting And Firming Eye Serum is perfect for me. It is very absorbent and will not affect my daily skin care regimen immediately.

The caviar firming cream is distributed as a creamy gel cream mixture and as a lightweight essence, which is absorbed into the skin almost immediately, with a refreshing, cooling effect.

The formula has a fresh floral scent, but due to the addition of aromatic ingredients such as linalool and geraniol and the added aroma, it has a strong floral scent. I personally like this scent, but it may be irritating to people with sensitive skin .

After applying it, I immediately felt tight and tight. My skin feels firm and slightly tingling. After application, my entire eyes and brow bone area looked moist and very soft.

Although the price is so unpleasant, but I think it will have the value of this price.


$505.00 20ml/0.7oz.


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