La Prairie Light-Infused Serum For The Eye Review

by daniellaup

Today is still introducing eye cream-La Prairie Light-Infused Serum For The Eye.

The reason I noticed it is because I was looking for a product that can target my dark circles a while ago. Then I found that it officially claims to reduce the appearance of darkness and discoloration, and help restore firmness and reduce puffiness.

This fully meets my expectations. With curiosity, I used it.

Eye cream can brighten skin tone and help increase moisture around the eyes. After using it, my eye area does feel comfortable and soothed. I like this eye product because it absorbs well and does not leave any film or stickiness.

After these, my eye makeup also went well. Allowing me to massage the eye circles with my ring finger is very emollient. So far, I like the texture and moisturizing properties of these.

I would approve of its packaging because it can keep the product really fresh and hygienic, and provide enough application volume for each pump. The taste of the cream is heavenly, and I really like the process of taking the cream out of the jar.

In short, I like this eye cream. It makes my eyes more energetic and attractive.


$315.00  15mL/ 0.5 oz.


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