La Prairie Light-Infused Serum Review

by daniellaup

La Prairie White Caviar series is designed to bring excellent whitening, anti-aging and firming effects to the skin. The uneven tone seems to fade away gradually, filling the skin with radiance.

La Prairie Light-Infused Serum is a product that brightens the skin tone. It is part of their white caviar series.

After being withdrawn from the bottle, the serum itself looks thick, but once applied on the face, it actually feels very watery. Therefore, you only need half a pump. Since it is watery, it can easily glide on the face and the skin absorbs the product almost immediately. It feels very lightweight. It becomes sticky when it dries, which I like because the moisturizer I am going to apply will stick to my skin better.

It can brighten the skin tone while diminishing dark spots. In addition, it also helps prevent the development of future attractions. It restores firmness and elasticity. The serum is wrapped in iridescent white caviar pearls. Interestingly, the pearl remains intact until it is drawn out. The effect of white caviar bright pearl infusion is amazing.

smells good! It has that expensive smell, I really don’t know how to explain it. But if you want to know, it has no floral fragrance, I like it.

If you have a limited budget, look forward to the opportunity in the future!


$620 30mL/1.1oz.


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