La Prairie Perfecting Corrector Review

by daniellaup

Generally speaking, concealer, few people will consider three-digit. This makes me always curious about La Prairie, why is its price so confident?

Today, I tried La Prairie Perfecting Corrector again for everyone.

As the name suggests, the foundation’s specialty is caviar extract, which has become a very popular, despite expensive skin care ingredient, in the past few years. The caviar perfect concealer has a perfectly matched tone.

This is a lightweight liquid concealer with a creamy texture. It is very smooth and can correct and brighten my entire eye area.

What impressed me most is the packaging. Its smallest cobalt blue case includes a cool metal nib that can gently massage the puffiness under the eyes, while the innovative ring releases the perfect dose. This is very convenient to use.

The concealer can be applied smoothly, with minimal indentation, and does not require too much mixing. It does achieve its promised effect. I look flawless!

The concealer is odorless and the smudge looks very natural, but it is indeed a big investment.




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