La Prairie Rejuvenating And Detoxifying Treatment Lotion Review

by daniellaup

Rejuvenating And Detoxifying Treatment Lotio is the latest product in the rare platinum product line launched by La Prairie-striving to solve and restore all signs of aging.

The sculptural jar (with the iconic amethyst tone of Platinum Rare) is a work of art in itself, intended to be displayed and displayed as a work of art. Carefully engraved and inspired by Bauhaus architecture; it is clean and neat, and its seemingly simple incision is like a professionally cut gem. It not only reflects light from all different angles, but also echoes the high-quality tenderness contained skin.

The smell of La Prairie is not uncommon, as it is a finely powdered and delicate floral fragrance, just like its other Platinum Rare products. The smell itself is not annoying or cheap, but I still think it is a bit mature, and people with sensitive skin may not like the smell.

La Prairie Platinum Rare Cell Life Lotion has a light and light consistency, which surprised me because I initially expected it to be denser. Nevertheless, it can be quickly absorbed into the skin, making the skin silky smooth, with a subtle light reflective luster, because it contains a small amount of tiny illuminating particles.

I found that the effect is very obvious within a week, and after regular use, the skin feels and looks more balanced, firm and naturally moisturized.

If you can afford it and want to try it, you can do so, because it can still play a role in rapid skin regeneration and detoxification, but you can’t find this rare thing in today’s refreshing essence.


$700 115mL/3.9oz.


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