La Prairie Rejuvenating Eye Concentrate Review

by daniellaup

Today I will introduce La Prairie’s product again, which is Rejuvenating Eye Concentrate.

On the packaging, I think this is a work of art. The dropper is separated from the lid, the rubber part of the multi-faceted dropper is also coated with platinum, and the dropper itself is also coated with platinum.

Since the bottle and the dropper are too opaque, it is impossible to track the amount passing by. Having said that, compared to most products on the market, the top rubber press feels thicker, stronger, and has good control.

It has a powdery floral fragrance. Although it has not attracted people’s attention, it certainly contains artificial flavors and phenoxyethanol, which may not be suitable for those who are sensitive to smell.

From the moment it slips, the texture wraps around the skin, making it protected in a soft cashmere layer. It enters the skin like a silk pullover dress and exudes a very silky smooth feeling.

It shows the greatest sophistication and elegance in texture. It can immediately beautify the skin around my eyes, and I think it can make the skin look new and look natural and pearly.

I feel that it makes the skin around my eyes become elastic and it is very important for my eyes to become radiant.

In addition to the price, it is still a very good luxury skin care product!


$985 15mL/0.5oz.


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