La Prairie Rejuvenating Eye Treatment Review

by daniellaup

I’m here to recommend La Prairie’s eye cream again. Don’t ask why I like eye cream so much? I think that the eyes have always been the window through which the soul can be seen.

Only when my eyes look bright, my whole person will be more confident.

La Prairie Rejuvenating Eye Treatment is a soft and rich eye cream. The packaging looks very cool, with a transparent outer bottle and a purple inner liner.

La Prairie uses the same principles as haute couture, haute horology or haute jewellery houses-from carefully selected original and precious ingredients to expert formulas and the sublime designs of its ships, I like everything that looks cool.

This extremely rich eye cream provides a rejuvenating experience, it melts into the skin. Strengthen the skin barrier and help maintain optimal moisture.

The formula can protect the skin around your eyes from external pressure and prevent premature skin aging. Now, too many people don’t pay attention to the phenomenon of early aging, and there is no way to make up when they are aware.

After using it for a period of time, I found that the skin around my eyes became fine and fine lines and wrinkles were not obvious. And I clearly felt the skin around my eyes became very shiny and firm.

If you also have the opportunity to try, I am very happy to receive your experience!


$985.00 20ml/0.67oz.


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