La Prairie Revitalising Eye Cream Refill Review

by daniellaup

This is a remodeling eye cream repair—La Prairie Revitalising Eye Cream Refill.

La Prairie  has already reflected its price on the packaging. The golden packaging reveals wealth and luxury everywhere. Both the brushed metal case and the top cover are decorated with polished gold rings, which are believed to be preserved indefinitely. It is a bowl container, in order to continue the elegant experience of the golden age, it still adds a supplementary container. A golden spoon is very convenient to use.

It can immediately enhance the skin radiance around my eyes and keep it shiny for a long time. It can provide nourishment to the eye area, reorganize and smooth the skin. What surprises me most is that it can minimize the appearance of dark circles.

The cream is milky white, showing the greatest sophistication and elegance, the texture is wrapped around the skin, it can enter the skin like a silk slip-on dress, and it exudes a very silky smooth feeling.

In short, the experience is great, but I hope you can choose it when your budget is right!


$635 20mL/0.7oz.


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