La Prairie Revitalising Serum Refill Review

by daniellaup

With its first batch of replenishable vessels, La Prairie continues the elegant experience of prime time. The brushed metal casing and lid of each piece are designed to be stored indefinitely. Once the exquisite glass bottle with the formula is emptied, it can be replaced with a new glass bottle.

Today we are introducing Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate.

Since using it, my skin looks amazing. As soon as you start using it, the real gold particles will immediately burst and disappear in the skin. It can increase the luster of your skin, contains antioxidants, and is very beneficial to the skin. I like golden bottles, they look very beautiful!

It is a rich essence that can bring immediate and long-term benefits to the skin and bring unprecedented radiance. The formula infused with pure gold diffusion system aims to smooth the skin and improve its texture, refresh its appearance, and even help improve the complexion.

If you are not worried about the price, I hope you can consider it.


$850 30mL/1.1oz


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