La Prairie Scintillating Firming Serum Review

by daniellaup

The experience report of the Scintillating Firming Serum of la prairie blue caviar series is here!

This is a high-performance serum with a translucent and sparse fluid texture. After being applied to the face, apart from the taste, it is extremely moisturizing and comfortable.

The faint scent helps the essence to be pushed away and absorbed better. Looking at the ingredient list, it is indeed the style of Essence in lotion. Diamond and caviar extract are combined in the skin caviar concentrated acid essence. After using it for a period of time, you can find that your skin has regained its natural radiance, and has a certain degree of elasticity and firmness.

The appearance is a dark blue small bottle, which feels like a vast ocean. It is designed with drip irrigation, which is very convenient to use and the amount can be well controlled.

While moisturizing, anti-aging can also be taken care of. When you see your radiant skin, you will understand its price.


$485 30mL/1.1oz.


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